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Earn Money by Making Games in HypeHype

HypeHype is a new social mobile-first game creation and playing app crafted by the creators of the BADLAND and Rumble Stars series combining over 200 million players. 

Often described as ‘Tiktok of games’, HypeHype comes with a collaborative in-app game editor that allows anyone to make and publish games for free with just a mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

HypeHype is the fastest route from idea to game launch, and earning money, by simplifying months of work into hours of fun, visual editing. With HypeHype, your next game could be a tap away from going viral!



Make games and get paid! We have launched HypeHype creator earnings in May 2024 and have shared over $30,000 USD with the creators via engagement-based payout rewards!

Also, we're running our biggest hit game challenge with $100 000 USD prize money. Simply create and publish a game before September 15th, 2024, and you could win BIG!

Read more on $100,000 USD competition and turn your game ideas into more cash!

Get paid automatically

Although we are still in early access, we have shared more than $130,000 USD to game creators, for example through engagement-based payouts and dozens of game jams.

We launched HypeHype monetization and creator payouts in May 2024 through engagement-based payouts and support for in-game purchases. All published games in HypeHype start earning automatically.

Also, we are running our biggest game creation challenge with $100 000 USD prize pool. Simply create and publish a game before September 15th, 2024, and you could win BIG!

Read more on $100,000 USD Competition

New ways to earn

Engagement payouts

You get rewarded based on combined playtime of your games' players. The more your games are played by players, the more you get rewarded.

With the combined playtime you earn HypeHype's virtual currency, HypeX, which can cash out as money or spend inside HypeHype e.g., in games or to get more players to your game.

Refer to the FAQ in the bottom of this page for more details.

In-game purchases

Creators can freely setup in-game purchases to their games which players can buy using HypeX. These can be anything including skins, abilities, currency, ammo, power-ups, boosts or unlocks. You decide.

For now, as HypeHype is in early access, we will pay out 100% of the net revenue share* of all in-game-purchases players make in your game(s) in HypeHype.

Get started by downloading HypeHype

Available devices

HypeHype is currently available in the App Store and Google Play in Canada, Finland and the Philippines, but creators from any country can get access from here. Just fill in the form. You will get the access usually within 48 hours of sending your request. HypeHype works on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, Windows and Mac.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I enter / take part?

All games published on HypeHype automatically take part into the challenge. You can monitor your game's performance from the game's stats page.

HypeHype is currently available in the App Store and Google Play in Canada, Finland and the Philippines, but creators from any country get early access from here. Just fill in the form on the page. You will get the access usually within 48 hours of sending your request. HypeHype works on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, Windows and Mac.For any questions regarding e.g., the editor, visit HypeHype Learning Hub and join our Discord and/or Slack.

How do I make a game on HypeHype?

The HypeHype app comes with the fastest game engine on mobile and a powerful mobile game editor. Just download the HypeHype app, go the Create tab and start making games from a template, tutorial, from scratch or by remixing an existing game. You can use a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, Windows or Mac to make games.

More information: HypeHype Learning Hub

Will I get paid in real money?

Yes! We have already shared over $30,000 USD in the first 2 months with the creators via the engagement-based payout program and over $100,000 USD via dozens of game jams!

Once you have earned $200 USD worth of HypeCash from all your published HypeHype games combined, including both engagement-based payouts and in-game purchases, you will be able to request a cash out from your HypeHype account.

You can also spend some of your earnings inside HypeHype.

*You are allowed one completed cash out request per calendar month.

How much money can I make at the moment? Any examples?

During the current early access phase of HypeHype, with limited availability, your game can potentially exceed $10k USD per month in engagement payouts alone.

On top of that, you have endless possibilities with in-game purchases.

For example, one of the top games, Easy Obby, in HypeHype is averaging over $3k USD per month.

We award earnings through our "Bucket Structure" and here's how it works.


For every 1000 players playing the game for 30 minutes, each contribute the following:

*60 minutes = 1 hour.

1000 x 1 minutes = 16.6 hours into the 0-1 minute bucket

1000 x 4 minutes = 66.7 hours into the 1-5 minutes bucket

1000 x 5 minutes = 83.3 hours into the 5-10 minutes bucket

1000 x 5 minutes = 83.3 hours into the 10-15 minutes bucket

1000 x 15 minutes = 250 hours into the 16-60 minutes bucket

The total engagement based revenue from those 1000 players would be calculated as follows:

16.6 hours @ $0.00 + 66.7 hours @ $0.025 + 83.3 hours @ $0.10 + 83.3 hours @ $0.20 + 250 hours @ $0.20 = Total: $76.7 USD

Whereas a thousand players playing your game for 3 hours per player would make 1200 USD, thus considerably more as the last 2 hours of playtime are paid more than the first hour / player.

How much do I earn per hours played?

The game metrics page on each created game in HypeHype shows information about how the game is performing.

At this point in time, we will pay based on combined playtime. We weight later play minutes (the longer the player is playing) more than early ones for each player, so try to make games that players will engage with for a longer period of time and play again on the following days.

Playtime earns for each game in the following way:

Time played*Earning per hour played**
Minutes 0-1$0.00
Minutes 2-5$0.025 per hour of play
Minutes 6-10$0.10 per hour of play
Minutes 11-15$0.20 per hour of play
Minutes 16-60$0.20 per hour of play
Minutes 61-180 / Hours 1-3$0.50 per 60 minutes / hour of play

*Time played is per player.

Eg. if two players play your game for 5 minutes each, both players give your game 1 minute (2 total) of first minute playtime, and 4 minutes (8 total) of 2-5 minute bucket's playtime.

**Earnings per hour played is combined from all players playing the game. Earnings in USD.

Numbers refresh in the beginning of each calendar month and are valid for one month at a time.

Note that the later playtime pays more per hour. This is to incentivise making games that players can return to and play several times over their life time.

For July 2024, we have introduced a 25% boost for players making in-game-purchases in your game! If your game gets at least 50 Hypex worth of in-game-purchases during today from 2 or more unique purchasers (creators excluded), the game's next day revenue / EP is boosted 25%.

The result of the combined changes for July for creators: 15% less engagement points & revenue from the same amount of playing as in June. But if you add purchases to your game and get players to spend at least the low 50 Hypex per day in total, your game will make 10% more than it made in June (110% of what it made in June) due to the 25% boost. Top games even a bit more as more of their playtime is in the later buckets.

Earning Examples:

10 players playing 30 minutes each, contribute 10 x 1 minute = ⅙ hour into the 0-1 minute bucket.

10 x 4 minutes = ⅔ hour into the 2-5 minute bucket

10 x 5 minutes = ⅚ hour into the 6-10 minute & 10-15 minute buckets

10 x 15 minutes = 150 minutes = 2.5 hours into the 16-60 minute bucket

The total revenue from those 10 players would thus be:

1/6 x $0.00 + 2/3 x $0.025 USD + 5/6 x $0.10 USD + 5/6 x $0.20 USD + 2.5 x $0.20 USD = $0.77 USD

A thousand such players would thus make $76.67 USD.

A thousand players playing your game for 3 hours per player would make 1200 USD, thus considerably more as the last 2 hours of playtime are paid 0.5usd/hour.

However, if their average playtime would be 30 minutes (and not exactly 30 minutes for each), they would actually make more. This is because some players would play for longer and some shorter, but the longer playtime pays more.

The playtime earning is capped at 3 hours per player per game and after 3 hours of play, the game doesn't earn more from that player anymore. This makes the maximum per player engagement payment per game approximately $1.2 USD.

The capping is to maintain integrity and minimize any manipulation of the system (ie. bots).

*HypeHype Inc. reserves the right to remove any suspicious playtime or player activity from engagement based playtime at its sole discretion.

What are Engagement Levels, Engagement Points, HypeX and HypeCash?

The games that you create on HypeHype will earn Engagement Points (EP) when players play them. The more EP your game earns, the higher its Engagement Level (the number inside the flame icon) becomes.

Engagement Levels 1-10 will earn you platform currency HypeX that you can use on the platform to buy, for example, in-game-purchases, promoting your game or in other ways, but cannot cashout as money.

Once your game reaches Engagement Level 10, it will start earning reward currency HypeCash, which can be redeemed as money.

You can also convert some of the HypeCash reward currency into platform currency HypeX if you like, and use it with in-game and in-app purchases.

Your Creator Digest and your profile will show your total HypeX and HypeCash currencies, and once you have earned over $200 USD worth of HypeCash (from one game or combined from several games), you will be able to request a payment from your HypeHype account.

How can I add in-game purchases to my game?

After reaching Engagement Level 10 for your game, you will unlock the ability to add in-game-purchases. These can be anything including skins, abilities, currency, ammo, power-ups, boosts or unlocks. You decide.

You can implement in-game purchases into your game with a specific node. This allows players to use the HypeHype platform currency HypeX in your game, and you can earn more.

More information here

What does 100% net revenue share from in-game purchases mean?

Net revenue is the income that HypeHype receives after 3rd parties take their cuts including processing payment fees related to all purchases and refunds of HypeX.

These fees are paid directly to Apple (iOS) and Google (Android).

In details, 100% net revenue share for creators means that you get 100% commission on all in-game purchase revenue excluding Apple or Google platform share & tax per country (average 35% of gross combined, varies by country).

Thus, you will receive 65% of the gross revenue from player spent HypeX currency in your games.

As HypeHype's developer & publisher we of course have also other running costs (HypeHype development, online servers, support and moderation etc.), but none of these will be deducted at this point.

How to convert HypeCash to money?

To receive your earnings, you must agree to our Terms of Service and meet the simple requirements set out in those Terms, some of which are as follows

- 18 years of age or older. If you are younger,  it is possible to request the payment to be made eg. to your parents account with their consent.

- $200 USD worth of HypeCash in your account

- Have a withdrawal method that we support (eg. PayPal, bank account, Tipalti)

- Having complied with HypeHype Community Guidelines

Are there any other ways to earn? Game jams?

Yes! We are currently running a $100k USD game creation competition! Check out details from here.

How can I track my game performance?

Once you create your first game, you’ll see game performance on the game stats dashboard, and this is where you can track your games engagement along with key metrics, data points and insights and even playtesting videos to help improve your game.

Earning is based on fair and transparent game performance.

Creators can also see game stats and rewards from other games on the platform. This can be a fantastic way to learn and improve their own games to potentially increase earnings.

Every game starts earning automatically.

Isn't this risky for me as HypeHype is still not globally available?

We feel you. Jumping on to a new product always requires a leap of faith.

However, jumping early means your games and you as a creator will get a headstart. Your games start making money today with less competition.

Once HypeHype is globally available, your games will be ready for big audiences which also potentially means much bigger payouts.

Making and releasing games in HypeHype is a lot faster than traditional game development and engines so it is really effortless to just try it out with your phone, tablet or desktop.

Can I export my game?

HypeHype is not currently set-up to allow creators to export their games to other platforms on their own, however we are open to exploring this possibility on a case by case basis.

If you have a successful game in HypeHype and there is potential for it beyond our platform we are happy to discuss how you might export your game, for example, to consoles.

While the app has not been set-up for this purpose it is technically feasible and we have experience in this area taking our first mobile game, BADLAND, to all consoles and desktops.

How does HypeHype itself make money?

At this point we don’t make money.

This is on purpose as we are still in early access and building the foundation of HypeHype together with you. 

Our goal is to drive as much money to our creators as possible while we develop, maintain, and improve HypeHype.

We're constantly developing and updating the tools and technology that powers the platform and empowers our creator community.

Naturally, the net revenue share will develop over time and most likely change as HypeHype is not earning anything with the 100% creator revenue share while still having development and running costs.

During the early access we might need to modify the system rules and eligibility requirements at any time and for any reason.

We are very much open to feedback!

Who are the developers of HypeHype?

HypeHype Inc., formerly Frogmind, are the developers of HypeHype, the BADLAND series, Badland BrawlRumble Stars Football and Rumble Hockey.

We are located in Helsinki, Finland, and operate independently in a long-term partnership with Supercell, which recently invested 13M EUR to accelerate and expand the development of our company and HypeHype.

HypeHype Inc. has already grown into a team of 50 developers working on the HypeHype platform, and we are looking for more awesome people to join our ambitious journey of enabling anyone to become a creator of games.

Other terms

At this time, we are capping the combined monthly creator earnings to a maximum of $100,000 USD per month.

To avoid abuse (eg. by bots), we are capping the engagement payout playtime per device and user per game to 4 hours per day and reserve the right to remove suspected bot user accounts from the reward calculations.

Over time we will improve tracking metrics based on your, creator and player feedback.

The listed payment rates are subject to change as HypeHype develops forward. 

We reserve the right to change these terms as HypeHype develops forward. This page will always reflect the latest terms.

Last updated: 19th June, 2024