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Earn Money by Making Games in HypeHype

HypeHype is a new social mobile-first game creation and playing app crafted by the creators of the BADLAND and Rumble Stars series combining over 200 million players. 

Often described as ‘Tiktok of games’, HypeHype comes with a collaborative in-app game editor that allows anyone to make and publish games for free with just a mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

HypeHype is the fastest route from idea to game launch, and earning money, by simplifying months of work into hours of fun, visual editing. With HypeHype, your next game could be a tap away from going viral!


100 000 USD game jam challenge competition HypeHype


Make games and get paid! We have launched HypeHype creator earnings in May 2024 and have shared over $30,000 USD with the creators via engagement-based payout rewards!

Also, we're running our biggest hit game challenge with $100 000 USD prize money. Simply create and publish a game before September 15th, 2024, and you could win BIG!

Read more on $100,000 USD competition and turn your game ideas into more cash!

Get paid automatically

Although we are still in early access, we have shared more than $130,000 USD to game creators, for example through engagement-based payouts and dozens of game jams.

We launched HypeHype monetization and creator payouts in May 2024 through engagement-based payouts and support for in-game purchases. All published games in HypeHype start earning automatically.

Also, we are running our biggest game creation challenge with $100 000 USD prize pool. Simply create and publish a game before September 15th, 2024, and you could win BIG!

Read more on $100,000 USD Competition

New ways to earn

Engagement payouts

You get rewarded based on combined playtime of your games' players. The more your games are played by players, the more you get rewarded.

With the combined playtime you earn HypeHype's virtual currency, HypeX, which can cash out as money or spend inside HypeHype e.g., in games or to get more players to your game.

Refer to the FAQ in the bottom of this page for more details.

In-game purchases

Creators can freely setup in-game purchases to their games which players can buy using HypeX. These can be anything including skins, abilities, currency, ammo, power-ups, boosts or unlocks. You decide.

For now, as HypeHype is in early access, we will pay out 100% of the net revenue share* of all in-game-purchases players make in your game(s) in HypeHype.

Get started by downloading HypeHype

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HypeHype is currently available in the App Store and Google Play in Canada, Finland and the Philippines, but creators from any country can get access from here. Just fill in the form. You will get the access usually within 48 hours of sending your request. HypeHype works on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, Windows and Mac.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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