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Create games and win $100,000

HypeHype invites you to create games and win up to $100k USD! Starting now through September 15th 2024.

To win, reach Day 3 retention of 15% with your game! For example, if 1000 players start playing your game on Monday, 150 of those players still need to be playing your game on Thursday.

Get HypeHype early access for free and get started! All games published take part in the competition automatically.

pst. You can also earn extra money through engagement-based payouts. More info here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I enter / take part?

All games published on HypeHype automatically take part into the challenge. You can monitor your game's performance from the game's stats page.

HypeHype is currently available in the App Store and Google Play in Canada, Finland and the Philippines, but creators from any country get early access from here. Just fill in the form on the page. You will get the access usually within 48 hours of sending your request. HypeHype is free and works on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, Windows and Mac.

How do I make a game on HypeHype?

The HypeHype app comes with the fastest game engine on mobile and a powerful mobile game editor. Just download the HypeHype app, go the Create tab and start making games from a template, tutorial, from scratch or by remixing an existing game. You can use a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, Windows or Mac to make games.

More information: HypeHype Learning Hub

If I win, will I get paid in real money?

Yes! Competition award payments will be made in USD.

You can also earn more money through engagement-based payouts. More info here.

How is prize money awarded?

To qualify to win, your game needs to get over 15% of players to return to play 3 days after they first start playing your game (return to play the game at least once on day 3 from the day they first played it).

After the September 15th 2024 deadline, the top performing games will receive increased boost visibility by being on the front page of HypeHype in order to bring more players and properly evaluate their performance.

Games that reach the Day 3 retention target by the deadline qualify to win. From the qualifying games, those that retain over 15% D3 retention also with the increased visibility, the $100,000 prize will be awarded in the following way:

- The entry with the best D3 retention wins $60,000 USD

- The entry with the second best D3 wins $30,000 USD

- The entry with the third best D3 wins $10,000 USD

You can also create your game(s) together in collaboration with other people. In this case, the possible award money will be paid to the main account owner and the sharing of the prize money between the members of your team is up to you.

How can I track my game performance?

Once you create your first game, you’ll see game performance on the game stats dashboard, and this is where you can track your games engagement along with key metrics, data points and insights and even playtesting videos to help improve your game.

Earning is based on fair and transparent game performance.

Creators can also see game stats and rewards from other games on the platform. This can be a fantastic way to learn and improve their own games to potentially increase earnings.

What's game retention? How to improve retention?

Retention is the percentage of new users who come back to your game after playing it for the first time. To improve this metric, focus on your game's core loop, first-time user experience, and performance.

Read more from Learning Hub

How can I get more players to my game?

If your game is good and performs well, it will start to get more visibility and players. You will also start earning the platform currency HypeX from players who are playing your game.

Learn more here: hypehype.com/en/page/creator-earning-on-hypehype.

You should of course share your game with your friends and family. And online and social medias! Just use the unique URL link found in your game, by pressing Share.

You can also boost the visibility of your game on HypeHype with HypeX. This way, you will be able to quickly kickstart your game's visibility and get more players.

Are there other ways to earn from my games on HypeHype?


We launched HypeHype creator monetisation in May 2024 through engagement based payouts and support for in-game purchases.

It means that you can earn from any game you create when players play them.

Read more here: hypehype.com/en/page/creator-earning-on-hypehype

Who are the developers of HypeHype?

HypeHype Inc., formerly Frogmind, are the developers of HypeHype, the BADLAND series, Badland BrawlRumble Stars Football and Rumble Hockey.

We are located in Helsinki, Finland, and operate independently in a long-term partnership with Supercell, which recently invested 13M EUR to accelerate and expand the development of our company and HypeHype.

HypeHype Inc. has already grown into a team of 50 developers working on the HypeHype platform, and we are looking for more awesome people to join our ambitious journey of enabling anyone to become a creator of games.

Other terms

In order to receive prize money, you must agree to our Terms of Service and meet the simple requirements set out in those Terms, some of which are as follows:

- 18 years of age or older. (If you are younger, it is possible to request the payment to be done eg. to your parents account with their consent)

- Having complied with HypeHype Community Guidelines

To avoid abuse (e.g., by bots), we reserve the right to remove suspected bot user accounts from the retention calculations. If there is substantial doubt of bot accounts altering the key performance indicators of the winning games, HypeHype reserves the right to inspect the issue and make its own judgment based on the inspection.