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100 000 USD game jam challenge competition HypeHype

Create games and win $100,000

HypeHype invites you to create games and win up to $100k USD! Starting now through September 15th 2024.

To win, reach Day 3 retention of 15% with your game! For example, if 1000 players start playing your game on Monday, 150 of those players still need to be playing your game on Thursday.

Get HypeHype early access for free and get started! All games published take part in the competition automatically.

pst. You can also earn extra money through engagement-based payouts. More info here.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How can I track my game performance?
What's game retention? How to improve retention?
How can I get more players to my game?
Are there other ways to earn from my games on HypeHype?
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