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Founder's Letter

Hi there! I’m Johannes, founder, CEO, and one of the creators of HypeHype.

It is finally time to fully democratize video game making.

Every one of us in this world are game makers. We all have game ideas in our minds - especially when we are young. But the tools to make those ideas a reality are far too complicated. Only few go deep into the rabbit hole of game development and publish a game.

We want to change that. We want everyone to be able to make their own games without complex tools and time-consuming publishing processes.

We want game making to be as effortless as posting a photo or video in today’s world.

Thus, we created HypeHype, a new game app to allow you to create games entirely with your phone.

HypeHype makes it possible to create games in minutes instead of months - anywhere with just your phone. The games you create are instantly playable by anyone in the whole world - on any mobile device, PC, Mac or any device with a web browser (even on a Tesla display!).

The ultrafast game making is not only achieved by having an easy-to-use, fully-featured game editor inside the app, but also with the feature we call Remixing. Every game created in HypeHype is remixable by anyone. This means that you can create your own game using anyone else’s game as a starting point. Each of these games shows transparently where it was remixed from. This creates an evolution of games for everyone to see where every game was remixed from. No more rebuilding the same stuff over and over again - instead a fully transparent way to get inspired and build on top of each other’s creations.

We believe that combining these two - being able to make games in minutes with your phone, and having the ability to remix everything will make magic happen. It will spark new kinds of games and experiences faster than ever. Everyone will suddenly have the power of making games literally anywhere with easy tools and ability to collaborate together faster than ever.

HypeHype brings game making to a 100 timer bigger audience with a 100 timer faster creation time. As a proof, over 132k games have already been released by creators like you in the Philippines during our technical early access.

Talking about collaboration - HypeHype is all about that. All the games can of course be played together but also created together in real-time. This allows fast learning from each other, plus is tons of fun.

There’s more to the story, starting with truly owning all your creations and being able to earn with them, and having a personalized feed automatically bringing relevant games for you - but enough of that, since you can already try and experience the early version of HypeHype yourself!

HypeHype is currently available in Early Access on iOS and Android in selected countries. You can also apply for early access anywhere in the world through https://hypehype.com. We are just at the beginning in the journey to revolutionize game creation and playing together with all of you.


Johannes Vuorinen


PS. We are all-in developing HypeHype with our current team of 37 developers and looking for many more to join the team. Apply at https://hypehype.com/jobs