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HypeHype is the fastest route from game idea to game launch with real players - for free. This is possible with the all-in-one app approach which allows you to not only play but also create games inside the app available on iOS and Android. There are also Windows, Mac and Web versions available for those who want to create also on desktop devices.

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Editor highlights

The core of game creation in HypeHype is the mobile-first designed Game Editor that has been designed to be a general purpose game creation tool. This means that you are not limited to e.g., 3rd person games or platformers but you can create any kind of games - just like you can create in PC game creation tools such as Unity and Unreal Engine. There are no limits to your imagination.

Designed to be really approachable the Game Editor also supports advanced features such as fully custom game logic and nested prefabs allowing you to also build advanced, more complex games.

Mobile-First Game Engine

HypeHype is running on our custom built game engine which has been designed as mobile-first taking the full power of mobile GPUs in use without compromises. It has been designed to support lots of dynamic objects to make game development as easy as possible. We are building HypeHype to become the world's fastest game engine on mobile.

Game Metrics

A very important part of game development is to understand how the players play your game and, most importantly, are they enjoying it and what are the common reason why they leave.

HypeHype provides inside the app all the metrics to understand how your game is played by your players. You can see the important playtime, retention, engagement and appeal metrics but you can also watch replays of real players playing the game to see how your game is played. This is not limited to just your own games but you can check any game's metrics and also learn from other game creators completely free.

Metrics demo

Start Monetizing

Making games and especially watching players playing your game is epic fun activity itself but you are not limited to that as a creator. You can start monetizing with your games based on their player engagement and with in-game purchases. Read more in the Creator Earning section.